Immediately prior to the 2006 Painting Technology Workshop, we will feature the following special event:
PTW Course
A two-day course describing recent changes in automotive painting technology and different techniques for process improvement, led by Mr. Kimio Toda, among others instructors.

PTW Workshop
Both events are hosted by
the University of Kentucky's Painting Technology Consortium

The University of Kentucky has established a painting technology consortium. The aim of the consortium is to join research and industrial resources to develop a new generation of painting technology, which would have higher energy efficiency and environmental friendliness than those currently used on commercial products. The painting technology efforts cover five main areas:

  • Paint spraying and transfer efficiency
  • Paint overspray capturing
  • Paint curing and drying
  • Painted surface finish monitoring and control
  • Paint-related waste recycling and disposal

The need for a more effective painting technology is clear since many manufacturing industries use paint to finish their products, and new tighter environmental regulations are being enacted.

Following four years of successful Painting Technology Workshops, the University of Kentucky Painting Technology Consortium proudly announces the 2006 Painting Technology Workshop (PTW2006). As always, PTW2006 is organized as a forum for technical presentations and critical discussions regarding common paint technology problems in manufacturing industries, as well as finding innovative solutions to those problems.

Participants include individuals from industry, academia, and government laboratories and agencies who are interested in solving paint-related problems.

This workshop has dual aims: (1) exchange of information on the current development of spray painting technology that has been used in automotive and other industries and (2) development of a network system that allows mutually beneficial collaboration among users of painting technology, paint booth manufacturers, and paint product companies.

Presentations regarding the following subjects
  • Spray painting, overspray capturing and disposal
  • Painted surface appearance and corrosion protection
  • Paint pollution prevention and control
  • Paint product development and formulation
  • Painting, abatement, cleaning and inspection equipment
  • Other painting technology subjects
Invited talks addressing the following subjects
  • Novel painting methods and equipment
  • Trends in pollution regulations and testing methods
  • New paint formulations and alternatives
  • Integrated painting systems
Participants interested in the exchange of information on painting technology problems and developments, may submit a two-page extended abstract including authors' names and affiliations to Dr. Abraham Salazar directly. Participants may also submit their abstracts on-line at: Abstract should be received by the PTW2006 Organizing Committee no later than September 17, 2006. However, if you plan on submitting your abstract after September 17, 2006, please send a quick e-mail note to Abraham Salazar (

A proceedings containing all submitted abstracts will be available at the meeting. Presentations will be available for download to all registered participants shortly after the conference.

The instructor, Mr. Kimio Toda, is an internationally-recognized expert in automobile painting technology. During his distinguished career, he worked for more than 30 years at Toyota Headquarters, culminating with his appointment as General Manager, Surface Coating and Inspection Division. In this assignment, he was responsible for Toyota's worldwide operations in surface coating and inspection. Mr. Toda is currently the Managing Director of Asahi Sunac Corporation, Japan, a world leader in the production of advanced coating equipment and cold forging machines.

Monday - October 2:
  1. Changes in automotive painting - I
  2. Process improvement tools: CFD and applications - I
  3. Process improvement tools: Applying TPS to paint shop defect reduction
  4. Changes in automotive painting - II
Tuesday - October 3:
  1. Changes in automotive painting - III
  2. Process improvement tools: CFD and applications - II
  3. Process improvement tools: NDT and applications
  4. Changes in automotive painting - IV
A detailed program for the special Painting Technology course is available at

Persons interested in attending the workshop should fax the attached registration form to the attention of Sandra Dunn at the number shown on the form, or register on-line at: Registrations will be accepted until noon Friday, September 30, 2006.

Sheraton Suites Lexington is offering special rates of $85.00 for single or double occupancy per night. Reservations must be received on or before September 4, 2006 to receive this rate. Please call +1 (859) 268-0060 or visit the website online. When calling, inform the reservation clerk that you will be attending the UK Painting Technology Workshop and ask for the PTW rate.

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