Message from Director:

The University of Kentucky Painting Technology Consortium (PTC) joins research and industrial resources to develop a new generation of painting technology with higher energy efficiency and environmental friendliness than those currently used on commercial products. Since a majority of manufacturers use paint on their finished products, and stricter environmental regulations governing the painting process are being enacted regularly, the need for a more effective painting technology is clear. 

The Consortium has brought together a renowned team of researchers who are conducting research into six main areas:

  • Paint spraying and transfer efficiency
  • Paint overspray capturing
  • Paint curing and drying
  • Painted surface finish monitoring and control
  • Paint-related waste recycling and disposal
  • Smart paint material

An outgrowth of the PTC is the Painting Technology Workshop. Initiated in 2000, this annual event is organized as a forum for technical presentations and critical discussions regarding common paint technology problems in manufacturing industries. The dialogue generated at the Workshop has led to innovative solutions to those problems. 

Workshop participants include individuals from industry, academia, and government laboratories and agencies who are interested in solving paint-related problems. 

This workshop has dual aims: (1) the exchange of information on the current development of spray painting technology that has been used in automotive and other industries and (2) the development of a network system that allows for mutually beneficial collaboration among users of painting technology, paint booth manufacturers, and paint product companies.




Kozo Saito
PTC Director